Investment or Liability: The Golden Lead Crisis, Gambia.

What is a $25000 fine to a company that makes millions of dollars a year through illegal fishing in the West African waters? Golden lead company  case has indeed potrayed an image that The Gambian Government is not really anxious about protecting our environment. It is a well known fact that The Gambia depends mostly on Agriculture and tourism. Supplementing tourism is the beautiful oceans we have in our possession. What becomes of us if our oceans are contaminated by a Chinese company illegally fishing from our seas not for human consumption but for animal consumption? A source of income and food for thousands of Gambians is at stake because our so called “New Government” is failing to take our environment and well being of Gambians into consideration by not taking the right measures to settle this issue.

Stirring up a conspiracy theory is inevitable but it is worthy putting into consideration that more than 70% of China’s boats in West Africa operate in the Senegalese, Mauritanian, guinea and Gambian seas. This makes China’s distant fishing industry the largest in West Africa with over 400 fleets and 74 fleets illegally operating in waters prohibited as exposed by Green peace. Even China’s ministry admitted that it makes more than 340 million euros a year from West Africa. A UN report goes a long way In highlighting the fact that there is 50% over fishing in the coasts of West Africa leaving inhabitants exploited.

Taking this into consideration, a $25000 out of court settlement between the Gambian Government and Golden lead company for withholding information about management of waste, discharging substance of waste water into the sea, polluting the environment, and failure to keep record of their company activities to this extent is unjustifiable. Is $25000 enough to restore the environment to its normal state? I doubt. Channelling of waste into the sea not only causes casualties to our environment, wellbeing and food but also to the economy of the country all at the expense of a company illegally fishing to feed animals, is this what our new government stands for?

Further allegations have been made against Golden lead Company that instead of purchasing fish from Gambian fishermen, it instead goes out of line by buying fish from Senegalese fishermen In CFA instead of Gambian Dalasi. How ironic is the fact that in our own seas, we have two different poachers, then how does the Gambia benefit from Golden lead investment if they’re not even buying fish from Gambians themselves? Once asked to shed light on this issue, the marketing manager of golden lead simply refused to make any comments, fishy right?

We as Gambians surrender all our rights to the New Government and in return, we expect nothing but for them to preserve it and make sure exploitative oriented institutions don’t take advantage of us and the limited resources we have. Golden lead company should be called shut down for the sole benefit of The Gambia, its people and environment. As a result I call upon all Gambians to help in the fight against this exploitation and I call upon the “New Government” to respect our rights and preserve our environment because of the simple fact that no right is greater than the other, if former president Jammeh violated our rights to speech and various other rights, whats the difference is our right to health and wellbeing is endangered by our new government failing to take the right steps towards justice?


Modern Day Slavery

Is history rehistory repeating itself? What has the world come to? Who is to blame?

The recent migration by African across the midetterainian sea of Libya to Italy has brought about the most appauling and horrifying scenes of modern times. African migrating from mostly western parts of Africa and other parts of Africa too are repeatedly being sold as slaves in Libya. Libya has been a transit point to Europe for years now but with the EU and more importantly Italy finding the Libyan coast guards with money, the migration to Italy thought the medittearian sea has abruptly subsided and as a result, African migrants and refugees are concentrated in Libya. An estimate of between 300,000 to a million migrants and refugees. These migrants and refugees go through alot of hardships such as rape, robbery and worst of all, they are also reports of them being auctioned of as slaves in Libya.But who is to blame for this inhumane treatment of people in Libya? Since the killing if muammar Gaddafi who ruled Libya for 40 years, the country has been plunged into a civil war ever since. But a reflection should be made as to how Libya was when Gaddafi was in power. The country was undoubtedly peaceful and calm, one of the richest in Africa in terms of Gold and oil. Government policies such as free education, low fuel price, housing was almost free, basically everything was as smooth as ice cream. But all of this changed during the Arab spring and the world powers intent to remove Gaddafi from power. Some might ask why the world leaders want to remove Gaddafi from power, this was because this great man wanted to unify africa into one and introduce a currency of gold. All of Africa would trade using Gold and as a result any one who would want to trade with Africa would use Gold. What would this mean for the world powers? This means they\’d be economically weaker than africa. Also the oil reserves of Libya were one of the main reason for NATOs intervention in Libya. The Hilary Clinton leaked email revealed that NATO killed Gaddafi to stop the creation of the Gold dinar currency. NATO stepped into Libya claiming that they were protecting to people of Libya, but the 3000 emails released by the states department of the US showed otherwise. The brought about evidence showing the main motives of NATOs intent to kill Gaddafi, to quash Gaddafis gold backed African currency and Libyas oil reserves. The email highlighted then French president Sarkozy leading NATOs attack on Libya with five aims in mind, To obtain Libyan oil, ensuring French influence in the region, increasing sarkozys reputation, to assert French military power, reduce gaddafi-s influence in what is francoafrica. But the lengthiest of section of reasons for intervention was the huge threat the Gold backed currency posed to French CFA in Africa as Gaddafi had 143 tonnes of Gold and almost same amount in silver, this meant a threat to the French CFA circulating as a prime African currency.

Ever since Gaddifi was ousted out of power because of power hungry powerful states like France, the Libyan crisis never ended, from migrant crisis, to what i now modern day slavery because its lucrative for Libyan and somehow necessary for survival it really raises a question of who is really to blame. Now that there’s real need for positive intervention in Libya, where is France and the international community?